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PCA/ HCCN Listening Session: Digital Health: Building and sustaining a connected health environment for comprehensive care

HITEQ PCA/HCCN Listening Session 2

Caila Kilson-Kuchtic 0 2111

This was the second of the approximately 5 listening sessions HITEQ is hosting through the end of 2022. The purpose of these listening sessions is to understand the gaps in resources and guidance for health centers in specific areas of focus. HITEQ is bringing HCCNs and PCAs to the table for these in order to get the invaluable perspective of those who work with the health centers each day as well as where HITEQ can share valuable national insight.

PCAs and HCCNs who are working on SDoH-specific activities with their health centers, as well as those considering ways to assist their health centers with social risk screening should join for peer sharing. Register using the form below or email HITEQinfo@jsi.com to join!

Community Healthcare Association of New York State

New York, NY

HITEQ Center 0 27291

The Community Health Care Association of New York State's (CHCANYS) purpose is to ensure that all New Yorkers, including those who are medically underserved, have continuous access to high quality community-based health care services including a primary care home. To do this, CHCANYS serves as the voice of community health centers as leading providers of primary health care in New York State.

Alabama Primary Health Care Network

Montgomery, AL

HITEQ Center 0 34393

The Alabama Primary Health Care Association (APHCA) was established in 1985 as a non-profit, professional trade association whose mission is to strengthen and expand Alabama’s health center network through leadership, services, and collaboration so that Alabamians have access to improved outcomes through coordinated health care. As part of APHCA, there are 16 CHC members providing care across Alabama.

Alliance for Rural Community Health

Ukiah, CA

Anonym 0 25280

Alliance for Rural Community Health (ARCH) was founded in 1998 by community health center organizations in Mendocino County. The group came together to seek collaborative ways of addressing community health care issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner and are committed to work together to facilitate resource development, concentrate and strengthen advocacy efforts, and share resources.

Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services

Chicago, IL

Anonym 0 27490

AllianceChicago HIT was founded in 1997, since they have been expanding and innovating to meet the diverse and ever-evolving health care needs of vulnerable populations, while proactively responding to the changing health care climate. At the core of AllianceChicago’s health information technology (HIT) solutions is the electronic health record (EHR), GE Centricity™. Having developed customized content, implementation approaches and workflow insights they help support the comprehensive multidisciplinary care delivered by their network of 34 community health centers. Building from this core, AllianceChicago assists health centers in evaluating and implementing other HIT applications and tools to extend functionality and improve efficiency.

Boston HealthNet

Boston, MA

Anonym 0 25367

Boston Health Net was established in 1995. Founded by Boston Medical Center it is a network affiliation of the medical center, Boston University School of Medicine, and 14 community health centers. Boston HealthNet is an integrated health care delivery system whose partners provide outreach, prevention, primary care and specialty care, and dental services at sites located throughout Boston and in nearby communities.

Central Valley Collaborative (Golden Valley Health Centers)

Merced, CA

Anonym 0 23801

Founded in 1972, Golden Valley Health Centers is dedicated to improving the health of our patients by providing quality, primary health care services to people in the communities we serve regardless of language, financial or cultural barriers. As a private non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center system they operate clinical and dental sites in Merced and Stanislaus counties.

Central Valley Health Network

Sacramento, CA

Anonym 0 23068

Incorporated in 1998, Central Valley Health Network is comprised of 15 Community Health Center corporations designated as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). CVHN was established to conduct advocacy at national, state, and local levels on behalf of its Central Valley membership of FQHC’s and their unique patient population specific to the Valley. CVHN’s network is also recognized nationally as one of the largest network of Migrant Health Centers serving rural, farm-working populations and their families.

CHCNet Maine/Maine Primary Care Association

Augusta, ME

Anonym 0 22685

Maine Primary Care Association (MPCA) is a membership organization representing the collective voices of Maine’s Community Health Centers - referred to as Maine’s health care safety net. Founded in 1981, MPCA has provided technical assistance and training, housed relevant programs and services and advocated on behalf of Maine’s safety net and the thousands of patients it serves.

Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN)

Denver, CO

Anonym 0 21695

Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN) is comprised of 19 Community Health Centers. CCMCN was founded in 1994 to respond pro-actively to the advent of mandatory Medicaid managed care, and has evolved to a multi-faceted organization focusing on managed and accountable care, health information technology, and clinical quality improvement programming.

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