Team Toolkit: PrEP Process Mapping

Health Center Clincians Planning


   Before Team Meeting #2

     Duration: 90 minutes

1. Process Map Designer drafts an initial version of the map using the selected software. (Note: as a reminder, there may be more than one Process Map Designer on your team).

2. Materials Coordinator ensures that all team members have printed copies or online access to the Team Meeting #2 agenda and PrEP Process Map Details worksheet.



Team Meeting #2 Agenda

Duration: 60 minutes 

  1. Process Map Designer displays the draft process map on a screen that everyone in the meeting is able to view. The Process Map Designer walks through each step of the process map and ask the team the questions below. The Notetaker makes note of the needed revisions. 
    1. Is the map accurate?
    2. Are the steps in the correct order?
    3. Should any steps be added to the map?
    4. Should any steps be removed from the map?
  2. As a team, complete the PrEP Process Map Level of Detail worksheet
  3. As a team, determine if you want to move any of the existing steps on the map onto a separate sub-process map, or create an entirely new sub-process map out of steps that are not currently included in the current draft. A sub-process map can be created to provide more space on the main process map, or to outline a process that is related to but separate from the main process. Sub-process maps also can be helpful if there is a separate staff person who is responsible for the sub-process, or if the sub-process is less common than the main process. 

Documents to Download

PrEP Process Map Level of Detail worksheet