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This curriculum will instruct health center learners on the changing role of the consumer/patient within healthcare in which the point of diagnoses and care is being increasingly shifted from the classical care provider setting to a more patient-centered model of health services. This shift in perspective and responsibilities is largely being stimulated by a critical mass in personal health information technology innovation and development, including patient portals, health apps, web-enabled medical devices, personal fitness trackers and remote health monitors.

These materials will provide health center staff with skills for navigating Electronic Patient Engagement strategies that include being better informed on: 1) patient activation and patient engagement; 2) incorporation of patient engagement tools and strategies into the organizational workflow; 3) evaluation of patient needs, satisfaction, and activation; and 4) current tools and services available for electronic patient engagement.

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Electronic Patient Engagement Tools: Adaptation for Use in COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout

Insights and tips from several patient engagement vendors

HITEQ Center 0 2094

Last fall, the HITEQ Center published an inventory describing many software tools that facilitate electronic patient engagement (EPE). The inventory detailed feedback from health center users of the EPE tools as well as information from the vendor about features and integration. As the health center workload has expanded to accommodate COVID-19 vaccination, the opportunity of EPE tools to address the needs of both health center and patients in this moment became apparent. HITEQ contacted the vendors included in the original inventory to gather supplemental information on how their products can be leveraged to support COVID-19 vaccine communication and distribution. Four EPE vendors responded, and those responses are outlined herein.

Safer at Home: Using Remote Patient Monitoring for Patient Care

Published in January 2021

HITEQ Center 0 3299

This resource describes how telehealth, with a focus on Remote Patient Monitoring, is being used during the COVID-19 public health emergency to help keep patients safe at home. Planning, implementation, and financial considerations are provided to assist health centers implementing or optimizing remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Electronic Patient Engagement (EPE) Tool Inventory

Information from Health Centers and Vendors on Ten EPE Tools, Oct. 2020

HITEQ Center 0 4541

In the spring of 2020, HITEQ and several PCA and HCCN colleagues developed a survey to gather detailed information on health center experiences with a variety of EPE tools and included questions about product functions, strengths & weaknesses, cost, integration with EHRs, ease of implementation, and quality of vendor support. The results of that survey, as well as interviews and demonstrations are captured in this EPE Tool Inventory.

Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes through Electronic Patient Engagement

HITEQ Highlights

Nathan Botts 0 24330

Electronic patient engagement technologies are having a significant impact on diabetes-related health outcomes and can help to increase patient to provider diabetes care plan involvement and communication. This HITEQ webinar explored use cases and strategies for effective adoption and evaluation of electronic patient engagement diabetes interventions within the health center setting.



This resource collection was cultivated and developed by the HITEQ team with valuable suggestions and contributions from HITEQ Project collaborators.

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