Data Demonstrating Health Center Value

Making the Business Case for Payment and Delivery Reform

A resource for providers on how to make a business case for reforms in payment and delivery systems and what data sources are required to do so.

Center for Health Care Quality and Payment Reform 0 23816

The document describes a detailed, 10-step process with decision trees and financial models for providers to use when making the case for and considering changes in payment and service delivery.  The document also outlines the kinds of data required in order to submit a sound business case.  This document is also accompanied by a webinar describing it and how to use it.

Are Health Centers Cost Effective?

A Review of Recent Research on Health Center Cost of Care

HRSA BPHC 0 24040

These slides are from a HRSA/BPHC Webinar Thursday, July 23, 2015 reviewing the most recent research studies of health center cost effectiveness.  The slides from this webinar describe the research methods by leading health economists finding that health centers generally exhibit lower total costs of care and better patient outcomes compared to other primary care providers.

An Evaluation of the Cost Efficiency of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and FQHC ‘Look-Alikes’ Operating in Michigan

A Review of Recent Research on Health Center Cost of Care

Institute for Health Policy at Michigan State University 0 22895

This research report describes its methodology and findings that Michigan health center Medicaid patients have lower monthly costs compared to Medicaid members who are not health center patients.

Value of Community Health Centers Study

A Review of Recent Research on Health Center Cost of Care

John Snow, Inc 0 23193

This 2014 California study compared state Medicaid (Medi-Cal) utilization of a population of adults served by a health center to those in the population who were not. The study found that health center patients were less likely to have an inpatient stay, hospital readmission, and emergency room visit.

Clinical Quality Measures for Eligible Professionals: 2022 Update

A Crosswalk Comparison of Clinical Quality Measures from The HITEQ Center

HITEQ Center 0 8998

This spreadsheet developed by the HITEQ Center provides a crosswalk of Clinical Quality Measures and their electronic specifications as defined in the 2022 update for Eligible Professionals (Clinicians). Fields include the crosswalk of measures with related information about CMS, NQF, and MIPS ID, and Telehealth Eligiblity, as well as inclusion in CY2022 UDS, Million Hearts, NCQA digital quality measures (dQMs), Quality Rating System Measure Set, CMS Adult / Child Medicaid Core Measures Set, and MSSP ACo Performance Pathway. Links are included throughout.

Value Driven Health Care: Define, Drive and Deliver

A HIMSS Webinar

Alyssa Thomas 0 23717

Our nation aspires to achieve value-based healthcare. As clinicians and providers, we work daily to deliver high quality patient care.  Do you know how to measure your quality driven efforts? This webinar will provide you with side-by-side comparisons of healthcare delivery and Value Score determination. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify the quality measurement framework.
  2. Describe the four components of the Value Score.
  3. Identify next steps to obtain your organization’s value score.

Demonstrating Value: Measuring the Value and Impact of the Health Care for the Homeless Grantees

A National Health Care for the Homeless Council Webinar

Alyssa Thomas 0 6048

Demonstrating the value of health centers is a necessary element of sustainability and measuring benefit. How value is assessed can range from illustrating cost effectiveness and evaluating performance measures to ensuring access to reliable, high-quality, and equitable care.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide a clear, digestible demonstration of the value that Health Care for the Homeless grantees provide and the impact of the HCH integrated care framework on health care. We will provide clear examples of the uniqueness of populations experiencing homelessness and the invaluable work that HCH grantees and those providing direct services give to our communities.

Webinar: Why Data Governance is a Hot Topic for Health Care Orgs: pointB

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium Webinar

Anonym 0 11720

Here’s a sad story. Healthcare organizations are woefully late to the data governance party. While companies in many industries have long been clear on the fundamental (and critical) goals of a data governance program, healthcare organizations are just starting to see the light. How can you enable better decision-making, reduce operational friction, protect the needs of data stakeholders, train management and staff to adopt common approaches to data issues, build standard, repeatable processes, reduce costs and increase effectiveness through coordination of efforts and ensure transparency of processes? Is all of that even possible? It is. With the proper data governance program.

Data governance is about building an organizational capability to get value from enterprise data.

HITEQ Highlights: Preparing for Value-Based Care through Sustainable Telehealth Workflows

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Molly Rafferty 0 8403

The HITEQ Center collaborated with Certintell for a webinar on Preparing for Value-Based Care through Sustainable Telehealth Workflows. The webinar provides an overview of how health centers can use telehealth during the current public health emergency and ensure that they are ready for the shift to Value-Based Care. The webinar covers sustainable telehealth services that are often underutilized and example workflows that have worked for other health centers.



This resource collection was cultivated and developed by the HITEQ team with valuable contributions from the HITEQ's Advisory Committee and many health centers who have graciously shared their experiences with HITEQ.

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