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Provided in these resources are examples of Health Center engagement in Value Based Payment.

Engaging in Value Based Payment Models

Value Based Payment Contract Review Checklist for FQHCs

Checklist for FQHCs reviewing contracts, as a supplement to video module. Developed in 2022.

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This checklist will walk you through a series of common considerations for contracts you may receive from payers, with a specific focus on contracts that include value-based payment components. Work through this checklist to be sure you understand these considerations and to help you flag any outstanding issues for legal and/or consultant review prior to execution of the contract.

The ACO Conundrum

Safety-Net Hospitals in the Era of Accountable Care

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Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this paper discusses four safety net hospitals navigating accountable care efforts and the role of health centers in those efforts.

Panel Management in the Age of Value-Based Care

Health Center Case Studies Developed with Chiron Strategy Group, June 2019

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Panel management is an essential function of a health center. When done well, it smooths the scheduling and operations of the health center; when done poorly it creates challenges with productivity, patient continuity, Quality Improvement reporting, and more. This resource offers guidance on improving panel management activities, including real-life examples from two health centers of the challenges and successes in managing panels.

Health Centers in the Era of Accountable Care

Insights from AltaMed Health Services

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Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this case study highlights the successful experiences of AltaMed and three key factors to shaping their role in  payment reform, care delivery transformation, and their financial sustainability. This white paper complements an AltaMed case study written by the Integrated Healthcare Association as part of the same RWJF grant. The case study describes how AltaMed uniquely positioned itself to engage in a diverse array of value based payment models; the models they pursued; and the data used to transform care and ensure financially viable models. 

Coding Social Determinants of Health (SDH) for Optimizing Value

An Infographic for Providers on the Benefits of Coding for SDH

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The purpose of the infographic is to describe how SDH data would be used for a variety of goals that would have traction with the clinic staff audience who may likely need to modify workflows and behavior in order to collect such data.  The visual case could be used in presentations or hung on a provider break room wall.

[Video] FQHC Value Based Payment Basics

Developed with Starling Advisors in 2022

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In this 25 minute video we cover the basic mechanics of how FQHCs are paid, the prospective payment system, and how it is evolving over time. We also review the spectrum of value-based payment arrangements using the HCP-LAN framework as a guide. We also discuss the capacity needed to be successful in each of those payment categories. Patient attribution process, including why that data is so critical in value-based payment arrangements, and what questions to ask payer partners about attribution processes are also reviewed. Lastly, a real value-based payment arrangement and related considerations are reviewed.


This resource collection was cultivated and developed by the HITEQ team with valuable contributions from the HITEQ's Advisory Committee and many health centers who have graciously shared their experiences with HITEQ.

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