This set of SAFER Guides can also be found on the HealthIT.gov website which includes further description and documentation. The SAFER Guides consist of nine guides organized into three broad groups. They are provided here on the HITEQ Center knowledgebase as well for easy access to Health Centers. These guides enable healthcare organizations to address EHR safety in a variety of areas. Most organizations will want to start with the Foundational Guides, and proceed from there to address their areas of greatest interest or concern. The guides identify recommended practices to optimize the safety and safe use of EHRs. The interactive PDF versions of the guides can be downloaded and completed locally for self-assessment of an organization’s degree of conformance to the Recommended Practices. The downloaded guides can be filled out, saved, and transmitted between team members.

SAFER-6 Patient Identification
HITEQ Center

SAFER-6 Patient Identification

A Resource Developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

The Patient Identification SAFER Guide identifies recommended safety practices associated with the reliable identification of patients in the EHR. Accurate patient identification ensures that the information presented by and entered into the EHR is associated with the correct person. Processes related to patient identification are complex and require careful planning and attention to avoid errors.

In the EHR-enabled healthcare environment, providers rely on technology to help support and manage these complex identification processes. Technology configurations alone cannot ensure accurate patient identification. Staff also must be supported with adequate training and reliable procedures.

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This resource collection was created by Joan Ash, Hardeep Singh, and Dean Sittig for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

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