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HITEQ Multilingual and Multicultural ResourcesPatient engagement tools and services such as patient portals, patient education material, or social networking and engagement strategies can only be beneficial if they can be effectively read and consumed by the population they are targeted to help. Many community health center clients do not have English as their first language and consequently many cannot speak fluent English, much less read or write in English. 

The resource provided below is meant to provide a listing of different patient engagement tools and their known multilingual status, including the different languages supported. 

This is a living list that by no means covers all technologies, but will be updated on a regular basis as new tools and functionalities are found.

If you know of any tools or can clarify functionalities and languages supported of tools currently listed please contact us with that information so that we can update this resource.

Use the search box to filter results to a particular language or resource type and/or click on the table headers in order to sort column values. Clicking on the Export button below the table will download the full data set as a csv document and will include columns currently not shown that also include product descriptions and sourcing data.

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Multilingual Patient Engagement Resources