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Project ECHO Quality Improvement: Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles— Getting the Most from Your Tests of Change

A Weitzman Institute Webinar

Alyssa Thomas 0 1505

Registration is now open for the fifth session of  the Weitzman Institute's Project ECHO Quality Improvement.  In this session we will review and discuss ways to ensure that your cycles of change are specific, appropriate and well documented.

This free videoconferencing program will assist QI professionals by providing instruction on practical tools and techniques. Common real world problems will be addressed during this interactive session.
Participants will review and discuss ways to ensure that your cycles of change are specific, appropriate and well documented.

Introducing the HITEQ Center's Technical Assistance, Training and Online Knowledgebase of Health IT Resources

A HITEQ Center Webinar Recording

Alyssa Thomas 0 531

Learn more about the HITEQ Center, a HRSA-funded technical assistance center, and how it can help you use HIT for quality improvement! See a demonstration of the HITEQ Center's new knowledgebase at hiteqcenter.org where you can request individual technical assistance and access numerous resources.

Asking the Right Questions: How to Roll Out an Effective Screening Program, No Matter What the Measure.

A Quarterly Measurement and Improvement Call from the Oregon PCA

Alyssa Thomas 0 504

In this call, the Oregon PCA will focus on how clinics can build and implement screening programs within their clinics using the depression, SBIRT and tobacco cessation metrics as examples. This call is open to all. If you would like to attend, please contact Akira Templeton, Quality Initiatives Specialist, at atempleton@orpca.org.

New Ethical Dilemmas in the Digital Age

A HRSA Webinar

Alyssa Thomas 0 1090

In 2016, health and human service professionals face a myriad of new ethical dilemmas with little guidance from existing ethical codes that do not address these emerging issues. This webinar will review the current literature regarding new ethical dilemmas related to technology and the internet, and provide guidance and recommendations for health and human service staff.

Training Frontline Staff to Collect Data on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

A Webinar from the National LGBT Health Education Center at the Fenway Institute

Alyssa Thomas 0 618

Collecting sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI) data can lead to improvements in population health for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients, a vulnerable population that experiences multiple health disparities. Now that HRSA requires SO/GI data be included in the Uniform Data System (UDS) reporting for CY 2016, health centers need to train their frontline staff to collect, quality check, and apply this data in a culturally sensitive and confidential manner. In this interactive webinar, experts in SO/GI data collection will discuss their recommendations for frontline staff, covering the topics of effective communication techniques, privacy and confidentiality, data quality, and addressing mistakes that inevitably occur.

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