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Public Demonstration of ONC Health IT Playbook

An ONC Health IT Webinar

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To help providers better understand and adopt HIT, the Office for the National Coordinator (ONC) released the Health IT Playbook. The Health IT Playbook is a dynamic, web-based tool intended to make it easy for providers and their practices to find practical information and guidance on specific topics as they research, buy, use, or switch EHRs.

Register for the Public Demonstration of ONC Health IT Playbook on Sep 30, 2016 2:00 PM EDT at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1365716964440414722.

Not Just Phoning It In: The Myths and Facts about Telepsychiatry

A National Council for Behavioral Health Webinar

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Telepsychiatry has the potential to expand access to quality psychiatric care to millions of people who can’t access it due to location, physician shortage or a number of other barriers. But misconceptions about telepsychiatry like, “Telehealth technology is too complex,” or, “Doctor visits need to happen in person” often prevent organizations from taking advantage of all the benefits telepsychiatry has to offer.

Join us on Monday, September 26 for a webinar where experts from the field will:

  • Uncover some common myths about telepsychiatry.
  • Show how organizations are using telepsychiatry to address a number of problems.
  • Cover the policies, laws and regulations in place surrounding telemedicine—and which ones are needed to make it more accessible.

Organizations specifically in rural areas or those who have experienced long wait-times for psychiatric services will particularly benefit from this webinar, though telepsychiatry can be used to solve a variety of issues any clinic may face.

Speakers: Jon Evans, President and CEO, InnovaTel Telepsychiatry, LLC | Kate Davidson, Clinical Advisor, Policy and Practice Improvement, National Council for Behavioral Health | Dr. Richard Lee, Executive Director, Central Minnesota Mental Health Cente

Free tool to help safety-net providers facilitate patient engagement and delivery of preventive care services

A HRSA and ODPHP Webinar

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Do not miss the opportunity to attend this webinar for safety-net providers which will introduce myhealthfinder, a free interactive online tool that provides patients with personalized recommendations for clinical preventive services.

myhealthfinder is a free tool that can be easily integrated on the website of any health provider. The tool gives users the opportunity to learn about clinical preventive services that are recommended based on their self-reported age, sex, and pregnancy status.

myhealthfinder may be useful in supporting and enhancing the discussion of preventive care services between patients and their providers. In a comparative study conducted in partnership with CVS’s Minute Clinic, the myhealthfinder tool significantly increased the number of patients using selected clinical preventive services.

This webinar will include:

  • A brief walkthrough of myhealthfinder on a FQHC’s website demonstrating how it works to engage patients in their preventive care
  • Details about how CVS’ MinuteClinic used myhealthfinder to increase the use of clinical preventive services
  • An account of how a clinician/provider at a FQHC is using myhealthfinder to educate and assist patients in making informed decisions about  preventive services
  • Q&A


  • Don Wright, MD, MPH, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Director, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Nadra Tyus, DrPH, MPH,  Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Public Health Service, Team Lead, Quality Division, HRSA/Bureau of Primary Health Care
  • Alessandro Gravina, Health Communication Manager, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Richard Bruno, MD, MPH, Family & Preventive Medicine Resident, Franklin Square Medical Center’s Family Health Center
  • Linda Harris, PhD , Director, Division of Health Communication and eHealth, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Workforce Training for Health IT Professionals: Staying Current in the Changing Healthcare Environment

An ONC Webinar

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This Webinar will feature speakers from ONC and grantee communities, who will provide an update on the Workforce Training for Health IT Professionals program, including a spotlight on new training resources available for healthcare stakeholders. 

At the end of the Workforce Training Program webinar, participants will be able to: 
• Understand the history and accomplishments of the Workforce Training Program 
• Identify how to access current and updated instructional materials to help healthcare workers excel in new environments 
• Recognize the value of the new components added to the Workforce Training Program 

Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers

San Diego, CA

HITEQ Center 0 332

Connected Health Summit: Engaging Consumers spotlights health technologies as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon and the transformational impact of these connected solutions on the U.S. healthcare system. This focus provides strategic insights into consumer engagement, care accountability, service innovations, and platform design to determine successful approaches in the deployment of connected healthcare products and services.

Four Key Areas of Focus:

  • Remote health monitoring for accountable care
  • Consumer-centric wellness and fitness solutions
  • Independent living technologies and services
  • Innovative virtual/convenience care models
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