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Preventing and Dealing with Ransomware Attacks: How to Keep Your Data Safe

A HIMSS Webinar

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The recent global ransomware attacks have revealed weaknesses in many organizations’ security plans. The global nature of the attacks demonstrate how easy it is for criminals to target health records for either profit or malicious reasons. And it confirms that the danger of cyber-attacks will not end any time soon. This webinar, presented by noted ethical hacker Kevin Johnson, will provide insight into how hackers identify vulnerabilities and provide specific advice to help you prepare a line of defense against the next generation of attack.

Ransomware Guidance Presentation for Health Centers

Updated with information on the WannaCry Ransomware alert

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A rapid increase in the computerization of health care organizations, many without the capacity to keep up to date with the extensive privacy and security measures required, has made them targets for cyber-criminals. In the last couple of years there have been numerous ransomware attacks that has held critical hospital data at ransom.

Health Centers may be perceived as more vulnerable targets by cyber-criminals due to a potentially smaller IT staff and older set of IT infrastructure (e.g., operating systems without latest security updates). To make things worse, a decrease in the black market price of health data has increased hackers needs to pursue ransom from further providers.

Data Transparency Summit Part II

An Oregon Primary Care Association Event

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OPCA recently fielded a Data and Quality Improvement Survey to Oregon’s FQHCs, which helped foster a better understanding of clinics’ current data/QI capacities and capabilities. One common challenge that emerged was that of systematizing and sustaining data and quality improvement structures. As a result, this event is designed to dive deep into effective data and quality improvement systems, and will include a variety of activities including guest presentations, small group discussions, sharing of best practices and action planning.

Optimizing the Presentation and Visualization of Health Data for Patients and Providers

An AHRQ Webinar

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This webinar will discuss methods for optimizing the presentation of health data for both providers and patients. Presenters will discuss methods for presenting meaningful displays of medical test result data to patients for improved understanding and describe two EHR usability studies around navigators and clinical note organization to improve the efficiency of provider documentation. 

  1. Describe the challenges patients face in understanding medical test data and present evidence-based methods to overcome these barriers and help patients make sense of the data, manage their health, and make choices about their care.
  2. Describe findings around EHR navigator usage and clinical note organization with usability studies to support improved provider workflow.
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