Through the data validation process, valuable information is gained that can then be used to improve performance around patient care or quality of care metrics.  Improving quality performance may take the form of improving data collection processes, better identifying patients who need additional interventions, or decreasing missed opportunities to provide patients appropriate interventions, among other possibilities. This section includes guidance on leveraging Health IT to improve quality performance including change packages for recommended approaches related to various quality of care measures.

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How to get your EHR to Match Reality for UDS Measures on Depression
HITEQ Center

How to get your EHR to Match Reality for UDS Measures on Depression

from SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions

Does your agency’s UDS report accurately reflect the work you do for depression screening and other behavioral health integration activities? Join this webinar to learn strategies and steps your team can use to make the most of the EHR to support improved health outcomes for your patients. Gain insight from a health technology expert and practical tips from an agency who learned to make their EHR a true part of the team to improve UDS depression measures through inputting and analyzing depression screening data from the EHR.

In this webinar, participants will gain:

  • Tips and  guidance to improve electronic health record workflows, data entry and reports for depression screening and follow-up interventions
  • Key lessons learned from one provider on how changing utilization of the EHR improved outcomes
  • Practical strategies for sharing data with the team to improve benchmarking and quality
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This resource collection was compiled by the HITEQ Center staff with guidance from HITEQ Advisory Committee members and collaborators of the HITEQ Center.

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