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Addressing Childhood Obesity in Health Centers: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Alyssa Carlisle 0 15

This webinar will focus on how to improve child weight screening, nutrition and physical activity counselling, and design appropriate and meaningful interventions according to health
center peers. Discussion and demonstrations of how you may be able to optimize your EHR to encourage accurate and complete collection of required data, and identify children who
may need intervention.  A number of tools that support this quality improvement around addressing child weight and potential for obesity will be discussed, including Bright
Futures guidance and data validation tools from HITEQ.

Growing and Sustaining a Data Driven Culture

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Alyssa Carlisle 0 746

Building on the HITEQ Center’s previous webinars that introduced an Analytic Capability Assessment, building a roadmap for action and using data governance to maximize the value of data, the third webinar in this series explores how to grow and sustain these efforts. Too often, analytic initiatives and data capacity building are based on the heroics of a few individuals. In times of high turnover and changing priorities, how can we make data driven decision-making part of a health center’s culture? This webinar will introduce the Data Strategy Worksheet, a tool developed by the Center for Care Innovation to help align data strategy with organizational strategy, as well as explore ways to implement a Data Services function. Even small agencies with scarce resources can develop the skillset, mindset, and toolset to embed and sustain a data driven culture.

Using Health Information Technology to Enhance Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Alyssa Carlisle 0 1819

The Health Information Technology, Evaluation, and Quality Center (HITEQ) will host a webinar on promising and innovative practices for the use of health information technologies (IT) to enhance opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment. The discussion will focus on how various health information technology practices and tools, including electronic health records and prescription drug monitoring programs, can be used to enhance OUD services and specifically medication assisted treatment (MAT). The webinar will also feature the experiences and practices of health centers which are currently using health IT to enhance OUD services.

Raven E-Learning Webinar: Chronic Disease Case Management

Alyssa Carlisle 0 1317

During this e-learning webinar from the Center for Care Innoviations (CCI) learn:
1. How to incorporate remote monitoring into your chronic disease case management efforts.
2. How to effectively engage and activate patients in the achievement of case management goals.
3. How to use community health workers and others to identify and manage high risk chronically ill patients.

Telehealth Sustainability: Financial Considerations for Centers

A CHCANYS/ NACHC Telehealth Webinar Series

Alyssa Carlisle 0 972

This webinar provided participants with insights on the status of telehealth in the world of Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances, and how these factors may impact decision-making for health centers. Presenters also covered how telemedicine contributes to value-based payment initiatives and the potential to increase telehealth reimbursement among prospective payers.

Information Blocking & You

The Sequoia Project Webinar

Alyssa Carlisle 0 331

This Information Blocking Workgroup Forum kickoff provided an overview of the latest proposed information blocking policies and regulations from ONC and CMS, and provided opportunity for initial community input to inform the work of The Sequoia Project’s Interoperability Matters initiative.


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