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How Health IT Works to Support Patient-Centered Medical Home

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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The intent of NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) continues to be recognition of primary care practice models that have achieved a mature level of transformation toward improving population health; improving the experience of care for both patient and provider; and reducing the cost of care through greater efficiencies of integrated patient-centered care coordination.   The redesigned process uniquely positions practices, staff and other key stakeholders to focus more on performance and quality improvement, and alignment with public and private initiatives in health care that reward value-based care.  

During this webinar, we will highlight the NCQA PCMH Core and Elective criteria. We will also focus on advanced topics such as the Distinction Modules and eCQMs, and then end the learning session by taking a deeper dive to discuss the integral role pre-validated health IT plays in practice transformation and physician alignment with public and private payer programs that reward for value-based care.

6/13 HITEQ Highlights: Health Center Framework for Effective Electronic Patient Engagement

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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Click here to listen to an archived recording of this June 13th HITEQ Highlights webinar.

The role of the consumer/patient is experiencing a significant change within healthcare in which the point of diagnoses and care is being increasingly shifted from the classical care provider setting to a more patient-centered model of health services. This shift in perspective and responsibilities is largely being stimulated by a critical mass in personal health information technology innovation and development, including patient portals, health apps, web-enabled medical devices, and personal fitness and health monitors. Health Centers are very aware of the benefits of patient activation and engagement, but at times need assistance in navigating 1) related regulations associated with policies such as Meaningful Use; 2) incorporation of patient engagement tools and strategies into the organizational workflow; 3) evaluation of patient needs, satisfaction, and activation; and 4) current tools and services available for electronic patient engagement. This webinar will cover the Health IT related policies, organizational changes, personal behaviors, and technical drivers that are converging to usher in a new era of patient empowered healthcare.

5/25 HITEQ Highlights: The ABCs of Electronic Dental Records for Health Centers – Integrating and Reporting Dental Information

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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The webinar reviewed the current state of electronic dental records (EDRs) for health centers, discussed their use and integration with electronic health records, and instructed participants on how to use an EDR to meet various incentive programs and reporting requirements.

5/9 HITEQ Highlights: Using Data for Population Health - Social Determinants and Population Health

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the May 9th HITEQ Highlights webinar.

The objective of this learning opportunity is to help health centers begin, and make progress along, the path of using social determinants data to address population health using HIT.  This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of population health management and the social determinants of health from a HIT perspective, and their relevance for health centers.  We will present real-world examples of health centers’ successful use of social determinants data to implement population health management and improve quality.  Participants will be introduced to a “Roadmap for Use of Social Determinants Data”, to guide them in the foundational steps of using social determinants data for HIT to drive population health. 

4/17 HITEQ Highlights: Skill Sets for Health Center Security & Privacy Risk Management

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the April 17th HITEQ Highlights Webinar.

Health Centers are made up of many different levels of IT Security & Privacy expertise, both in terms of staff skills and organizational maturity. This resource will help guide both beginners and more advanced staff and leadership to understanding how to best manage and promote security and privacy risk management at their health center.

3/16 HITEQ Highlights: Value Based Payment Basics and IT Readiness

A HITEQ Highlights Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the March 16th HITEQ Highlights Webinar.

Despite changing political forces, health care is likely to continue to transform toward value based payment, which has long held bipartisan support. This webinar will review basic concepts of value based payment and IT-related requirements to engage in these models successfully.  The session will feature how one health center uses health IT to participate in value based payment models. Finally, participants will take a ‘tour’ of the HITEQ Center's Value Based Payment resource set in the context of how these resources can support health center engagement in value based payment models.

2/21 HITEQ Highlights - Population Health Data Strategies

A HITEQ Center Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the February 21st HITEQ Highlights webinar.

This session will provide an overview of why data monitoring is important and what we mean when we talk about it. Then, participants will discuss considerations prior to taking on data monitoring including data validation, transparency, and committed resources. Finally, the session will share case studies from organizations that are currently engaging in various types of data monitoring, including organizations that are using population health management systems and other software solutions.

Provider Engagement for Health Centers: Turning EHR from A Barrier to Benefit

A HITEQ and STAR² Center Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the January 26th HITEQ/STAR² Center webinar. 

This webinar discusses health center provider engagement from the three pillars of executive sponsorship, training and education, and governance throughout the life-cycle management of the electronic health record (EHR) system. The presenter discusses the four phases of EHR lifecycle - EHR selection, EHR implementation, EHR functionality deployment, and EHR optimization. This webinar is a HITEQ/STAR² Center collaboration.

1/10 HITEQ Highlights - Health Information Exchange (HIE): Weighing the HIE Decision

A HITEQ Center Webinar

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Click here to listen to the archived recording of the January 10th HITEQ Highlights webinar.

Health centers are facing the complex question of whether and how to participate in health information exchange (HIE) given the changing health care environment and legal/financial requirements such as meaningful use. This webinar will seek to provide a balance view from industry leaders to help audiences understand the state of the art in health information exchange, possible benefits, challenges, and aid health centers to consider their particular situationin the context of the national environment.

Looking for help implementing Telehealth? Learn about HRSA Telehealth Resource Center (TRC) Technical Assistance available to health centers!

A HRSA/HITEQ Center Webinar

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Click here to download the transcript of this December 22nd HRSA/HITEQ Center Webinar and click here to listen to the archived recording.

Please join HRSA’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) and the Health Information Technology, Evaluation, and Quality (HITEQ) Center to learn about free telehealth and other health IT resources available to health centers. We will introduce participants to the regional Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) and how to access the resources and technical assistance provided by the TRCs.  Participants will also learn about the HITEQ Center and different health IT resources and services available. For more information on the TRCs, please visit: http://www.telehealthresourcecenter.org/. For more information on the HITEQ Center, please visit: http://www.hiteqcenter.org/


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