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Risk Stratification Approach Risk Stratification Approach

Risk Stratification Approach

Population Health Management Action Guide from NACHC

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Risk stratification enables providers to identify the right level of care and services for distinct subgroups of patients. It is the process of assigning a risk status to a patient and then using this information to direct care and improve overall health outcomes. NACHC's Action Guide lays out 4 steps to get you started with risk stratification as well as key related concepts and considerations. 

Key HITEQ Resources Key HITEQ Resources

Key HITEQ Resources

A downloadable PDF handout introducing key tools from HITEQCenter.org

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This document highlights select tools and resources from the HITEQ Center and is intended to be shared with partners to introduce HITEQ's resources.

Engaging the Data Creators

Involving Front-Line Staff in the Health IT Enabled QI Process

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This brief discusses the importance of including frontline staff such as front desk, intake staff, and medical assistants in Health IT Enabled QI process, as they are often the ‘data...

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