AI Fundamentals and Applications in Primary Care Live Webinar

AI Fundamentals and Applications in Primary Care Live Webinar

Wednesday, October 26 1 pm Eastern | 10 am Pacific

The Weitzman Institute and the Moses/Weitzman Health System are pleased to present the latest installment of our series of informative discussions with an exclusive panel of global experts driving the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). April Joy Damian, PhD, MSc, CHPM, PMP, Vice President and Director of the Weitzman Institute will moderate this latest discussion, "AI Fundamentals and Applications in Primary Care," on Wednesday, October 26 at 1 pm Eastern| 10 am Pacific.  

This webinar will bring together industry AI leaders with an evidence-based applied perspective on using AI in primary care to:

  • Understand AI history, definitions, methodology, benefits, and healthcare use cases
  • Explore the most common and validated use cases in primary care
  • Examine implications of AI in promoting health equity and improving healthcare access and outcomes
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