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Cybersecurity Toolkit for Rural Hospitals and Clinics
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Cybersecurity Toolkit for Rural Hospitals and Clinics

from the National Rural Health Resource Center

Ransomware and cybercrime are growing threats to all healthcare facilities – big or small. Protecting a facility for cyber threats can be a daunting task. However, failure to protect a facility from cyber attacks can result in fees, fines, litigation, media stories, mistrust and decreased market capture.

Protecting your hospital, clinic or even home computers from cyber threats can be a daunting task. It involves more than installing a good antivirus package, implementing a strong firewall or modifying existing security practices to protect the digital workplace from all the cyber threats that exist, or may exist in the future. Creating awareness of such need, and developing strategies to overcome the challenges that small IT staff and limited resources present for rural hospitals and clinics, can support not only rapid response to attacks, but also preparedness.

This toolkit from the National Rural Health Resource Center is organized into four steps to guide rural hospitals and clinics in developing and fostering a well-rounded cybersecurity program, including awareness, assessment, implementation & remediation, and education. A survey of available resources from various governmental and non-profit organizations is also included, as are checklists and tools that are appropriate for all audiences, including hospitals and clinics in rural settings.\

Download the toolkit using the link below.

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Intended AudienceRural Health Centers, IT staff, CIO, Health Center Leadership
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