Electronic Patient Engagement (EPE) Tool Inventory

Electronic Patient Engagement (EPE) Tool Inventory

Information from Health Centers and Vendors on Ten EPE Tools, Oct. 2020

In the spring of 2020, HITEQ and several PCA and HCCN colleagues developed a survey to gather detailed information on health center experiences with a variety of EPE tools and included questions about product functions, strengths & weaknesses, cost, integration with EHRs, ease of implementation, and quality of vendor support. The results of that survey, as well as interviews and demonstrations are captured in this EPE Tool Inventory. Ten tools are profiled in the inventory, which can be downloaded in the Documents to Download section below. 

Our focus in developing this inventory was electronic tools that require patient action, beyond a patient's presence for a telehealth visit. Examples include tools or apps that allow patient response to health center outreach (reminders, requests for information, etc.); patient communication with providers; self-registration and/or appointment scheduling; request for personal health information, medication refills; patient-generated data (e.g. food intake, compliance with a care plan, etc.); patient education; or patient response to surveys.

We would love to add more tools to this inventory, if you are a health center using an electronic patient engagement tool like the examples above, and would be willing to share your experience, please email us or complete this survey.

Documents to download

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