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Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web Presentation

Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web Presentation

Last presented at the Nevada PCA Annual Conference

It is of critical importance to motivate and educate healthcare professionals on current critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense of health data. Aspects of security awareness training, breach protection, incident response, and related topics all play a role toward organization-wide information protection.

Healthcare cybersecurity is the ultimate team sport. The responsibility goes beyond the IT staff and includes front and back office staff, doctors and nurses, patients, executives, and the board of directors. The attached presentation is directed to all levels of the healthcare organization so that they may be proactive and aware.

•Health Center Privacy and Security is everyone’s responsibility

•Responsibilities will vary depending on the position, but awareness is critical at every level

•There are known best practices and frameworks that can be followed to help ensure information security is addressed appropriately

•Take continual steps to create a proactive privacy & security culture at your health center

•Help defend Health Centers against the Dark Web!

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Intended AudienceHealth Center IT Leadership, Health Center IT Staff

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