Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web Presentation

Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web Presentation

Strategies for Building Security Awareness, Education and Compliance

This cybersecurity presentation explores key concepts and best practices that should be followed by Health Centers seeking to develop Defense in Depth and effectively implement hardened security programs at their sites. There are ever-increasing cybersecurity guidelines and protection measures that Health Centers must navigate and digest. Newer and rurally located Health Centers, facing security workforce challenges, can especially benefit from guidance and decision support that assists them in determining how to implement systems in a manner that meets compliance requirements and doesn’t expose information to undue security risk. Part 1 of this series will seek to motivate and educate the health center workforce on critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense. Aspects of Security Risk Assessment, security awareness training, and breach protection will be covered with an emphasis on health center-wide information protection.

Learning objectives:

-          Increased awareness of primary healthcare security risk domains and the responsibilities of staff in protecting health data depending on their role within the health center to ensure better information security.

-          Improved ability to recognize security risks within the organization and better understand how to plan and mitigate for information security risks identified.

-          Identification of 1-3 specific resources from the HITEQ Center knowledge base that can improve their ability to manage health information security risks.


It is of critical importance to motivate and educate healthcare professionals on current critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense of health data. Aspects of security awareness training, breach protection, incident response, and related topics all play a role in organization-wide information protection.

Healthcare cybersecurity is the ultimate team sport. The responsibility goes beyond the IT staff and includes front and back-office staff, doctors and nurses, patients, executives, and the board of directors. The attached presentation is directed to all levels of the healthcare organization so that they may be proactive and aware.

•Health Center Privacy and Security is everyone’s responsibility

•Responsibilities will vary depending on the position, but awareness is critical at every level

•There are known best practices and frameworks that can be followed to help ensure information security is addressed appropriately

•Take continual steps to create a proactive privacy & security culture at your health center

•Help defend Health Centers against the Dark Web!

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Intended AudienceHealth Center IT Leadership, Health Center IT Staff

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