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Health IT enabled Quality Improvement Project Charter
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Health IT enabled Quality Improvement Project Charter

The first step in a QI project.

Why develop a Quality Improvement Project Charter?

  1. Formalizes authority to dedicate resources (such as staff time) to the QI project
  2. Defines the purpose and expectations for the QI project
  3. Identifies key stakeholders to engage in QI project
  4. Clarifies roles and responsibilities of the QI Lead and QI Team members
  5. Assures commitment and support for QI project from leadership and QI Team members
  6. Provides a sustainable framework for any QI Project

A Project Charter serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project. Creating a Project Charter and getting sign off from all participants gives all involved the authority to begin the work outlined therein. The task of developing the Project Charter builds understanding, consensus, and clarity about purpose, expectations, roles and responsibilities, and communications.

Download the Project Charter (Word document) below to use with your QI team. It is important that this be completed with your QI team and leadership. Also, be sure to be as specific as possible when completing your QI charter, as this will be your reference for all things related to your project. 

  • For example, rather than say you will hold monthly meetings, be specific that meetings will be the third Wednesday of the month at 9am. Another example, for the communication plan, be specific as to exactly who needs to be communicated with at what frequency, and through what channels.
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