Health Literacy Online

Health Literacy Online

A Guide for Simplifying the User Experience by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

As Health Centers increase the amount of electronic communications sent out to their patients they need to continually assess the literacy level of the content that they are sending out across patient portals, text messages, and social networks. This guide provided by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion helps staff "develop intuitive health websites and digital tools that can be easily accessed and understood by all users — including the millions of Americans who struggle to find, process, and use online health information."

The Health Literacy Online guide is broken into six main sections as follows:

  1. What We Know About Users with Limited Literacy Skills
  2. Write Actionable Content
  3. Display Content Clearly on the Page
  4. Organize Content and Simplify Navigation
  5. Engage Users
  6. Test Your Site with Users with Limited Literacy Skills
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Intended AudienceHealth Center Staff, Patient Navigators, Health Education Staff

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