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Event date: 4/18/2023 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Export event
Jodie Albert

Learning to Love Your Data: Health Center Data for Everyone - Session 1 - Beyond the Bar Chart: Blending Data and Storytelling

HITEQ Webinar Series

So, you’re not a statistician? Not a data scientist either? Great! This webinar series is for the data creators, data generators, data users, data reviewers, and others who work with their health center data each day. If you’re a data lover and you know the information you have in your health center has an important story to tell, this series will provide you with the tools and techniques to create and share insights that will drive genuine change in your health center. Fostering a data-driven culture links directly to improvements in patient care, staff and provider satisfaction, and business imperatives, allowing us to make meaning out of our daily data demands.

Session 1 - Beyond the Bar Chart: Blending Data and Storytelling
Looking up articles about communicating data, you're likely to find many reflections on how to tell stories with data when crafting data visualizations. Effectively blending data, visualization, and storytelling together can take many different formats though depending on your audience and your goal. During this workshop, you'll learn about the research behind why stories can make information more memorable, how to balance data and narrative in different contexts, and some of the sticky challenges we face as designers when incorporating storytelling in the context of healthcare where privacy, ethical representation of the people behind the numbers, and issues of misinformation are critical considerations. We'll walk through practical examples of how to tell 'short stories' through annotations and headlines and larger endeavors of blending individual stories like qualitative interview data with quantitative visualizations. You'll leave with ideas you can apply in your own efforts communicating data and recommended resources for exploring the intersection of data and storytelling

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