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Leveraging EHR and Workflow to Improve Screening Rates
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Leveraging EHR and Workflow to Improve Screening Rates

HIMSS 2016 Davies Award Winner Shares Their Experience


According to the Mountain Park Health Center's Case Study for their 2016 HIMSS Davies Award:

Mountain Park Health Center’s mission is to provide access to affordable primary healthcare within the communities we serve. We have been providing care to the greater Phoenix community since 1983. Mountain Park has 5 full service Joint Commission-certified PCMH clinics, a YMCA based Pediatrics Only and Dental clinic, and two school based Pediatric clinics. Our primary integrated care model reaches over 70,000 patients and we provide the community over 365,000 encounters. Mountain Park serves nearly 26,000 pediatric patients. Out of those, nearly 20,000 need to have their weight assessed as a part of obesity prevention. Prior to implementation of our EHR system, the documenting of assessments was subpar. Post implementation, our screening rates fell to 63%. Leadership was surprised by this decrease given the success of other screening programs system-wide. An investigation discovered there was no standard workflow for the child weight assessment. The eCW Admin team in partnership with clinical leadership reviewed the disjointed process and developed a new, more successful workflow. Since 2015, the childhood weight assessment rates have been 100%.

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