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Event date: 4/23/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Export event
Maximizing Telemedicine to Meet Patient and Practice Needs
Alyssa Carlisle
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Maximizing Telemedicine to Meet Patient and Practice Needs

A Primary Care Development Corporation Webinar

Participants of this Primary Care Development Corporation webinar can expect to learn to:
1. Define telehealth vs telemedicine
2. Clarify patient and provider eligibility for telemedicine encounters
3. Discuss types of telehealth encounters and telehealth solutions
4. Outline changes to telemedicine billing codes and documentation requirements
5. Discuss motivational interviewing strategies specific to telehealth

Presenters: Nicki Andrews, MPH, Maia Morse, MPH, CPC, Sarahjane Rath, MPH, CHES

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