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Patient Resource: QuestionBuilder App

An AHRQ App for Digital Healthcare

AHRQ has just released a new app for patients. The QuestionBuilder app helps patients prepare and organize questions and other helpful information ahead of time and puts that information at their fingertips, as part of an email or calendar appointment that allows for note taking  during medical visits.

The AHRQ QuestionBuilder app helps patients and caregivers prepare for medical appointments and maximize visit time. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the mobile app (iOS or Android). There is a website version as well.
  2. Select or create questions to ask.
  3. Save the questions to a calendar appointment or send them to any email address so that the information is handy during medical visits.

Patients can use the QuestionBuilder App to:

  • Prepare and organize questions by type of medical encounter.
  • Take photos of insurance cards, pill bottles, or even a skin rash.
  • Access consumer education materials and videos.

A one-page handout is available in the links below that can be printed and handed to patients to encourage them to download and use the tool to support more effective visits. 

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