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Managed Care Glossary for Health Centers Managed Care Glossary for Health Centers

Managed Care Glossary for Health Centers

Companion Document to Value Based Payment Modules

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Glossary of managed care and value based payment terms that may be useful to health centers and health center stakeholders beginning to explore this topic.

Managed Care Data Checklist Managed Care Data Checklist

Managed Care Data Checklist

Companion Document to Video Module: Payer Data: The Managed Care Data. Prepared by Starling Advisors for the HITEQ Center in July 2022.

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How to Use This Checklist: This is a supplement to our Module 2: The Managed Care Data Set, which uses the HCP-LAN APM Framework as its basis. Review both before using this checklist. There are terms used throughout that may be new to you or may benefit from detailed explanations—please visit our Value Based Payment Glossary for basic definitions for a host of key terms. This...

Improving Health Center Cybersecurity: Risk Assessment, Breach Defense, Mitigation, and Response - Session 4 Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning for Health Centers

HITEQ Learning Collaborative Series

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  It's time to reconsider your strategy if you still treat cyber risk as an annual project or initiative. Having a thorough ongoing program in place means that even in the worst-case...

Cybersecurity: Ask Me Anything

This session sought to motivate and educate Health Center staff and leadership on current critical cybersecurity threats, concepts, and methods for the defense of health data. A panel of cybersecurity experts addressed questions on how to best protect the health center from both internal and...

The HITEQ Center Podcast

HITEQ is highlighting stories of leveraging the EHR, health IT, digital health tools, and other virtual care supports for health center recovery and stabilization during the COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter in this series of podcasts. We are lifting up stories that demonstrate the promise of...