PrEP Process Map Example

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PrEP Process Map Example

HITEQ Center, September 2023

This resource is an example of a Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Process MapA process map is a picture of how a health center workflow moves from the start point to the end point. As you review the process map, make note of the design elements, such as use of colors, shapes, and icons, and the level of detail included in the map. You can download the process map in the Documents to Download section below.

This process map is included in the HITEQ Team Toolkit: PrEP Process Mapping. This toolkit is designed to support team-based learning, reflection, and action on the use of process mapping as a tool to document clinical and EHR workflows for starting a patient on PrEP. Health center teams can follow the steps outlined in the toolkit to develop a process map of an existing or planned PrEP service workflow and to identify opportunities to streamline and improve that workflow.


View this 5-minute video for an introduction to PrEP Process Mapping. The video provides a definition of process mapping, outlines the benefits of the map development process and the process maps themselves, and walks through an example process map.

After reviewing the process map and the video, consider these questions:

  1. How do you think having a PrEP process map could help your clinic (or team)?
  2. What do you think are the most helpful aspects of the example process map?
  3. How can a process map like this assist with the integration of care processes and EHR workflow?

You can download a blank process map template to use for your health center's PrEP workflow in the Documents to Download section below. The PrEP Process Map: Level of Detail Worksheet can help your team identify the details that would be most helpful to include in your process map. 

Documents to download

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