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Event date: 2/27/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Export event
The Role of HIEs in Filling Gaps in Interoperability
Alyssa Carlisle

The Role of HIEs in Filling Gaps in Interoperability

Join Drew Ivan, EVP of Product & Strategy for Corepoint Health and Rhapsody, as he welcomed executives from HIEs in California and Maine for an in-depth discussion on topics, including:

  • The current landscape of healthcare interoperability
  • How HIEs filling gaps in healthcare interoperability
  • Where HIEs are headed
  • Joining the conversation was Shaun T. Alfreds, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of HealthInfoNet in Maine, and David Kates, Chief Technology Officer of Manifest Medex, California’s largest nonprofit health information network.

The discussion covered topics such as:

  • HIE services that are positively impacting value-based care
  • The role of payers in HIEs
  • How HIEs are preparing for an influx of data, including patient-generated health data
  • Predictions for HIEs going forward
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