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Event date: 6/28/2016 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Export event
Using NextGen PRAPARE Template for SDH Data
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Using NextGen PRAPARE Template for SDH Data

A NACHC Webinar Event

In this webinar, the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (who developed and tested the NextGen PRAPARE template) will present their on-the-ground experiences so that others can learn how to implement the template in their own NextGen EMR system, how to use the NextGen PRAPARE template to collect and then report the data to use for care planning and management. The webinar will also present Waianae's experience implementing that EHR template in their own setting and how they fit it in their clinical workflow.

Presenters: Chrissy Kuahine (EMR Department Manager and Innovations Coordinator at Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Services), Leinaala Kanana (Director of Community Health Services at Waianae), John Williams (Chief Information Officer at Waianae), and Vija Sehgal (Chief Medical Officer at Waianae)

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