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Onboarding new employees is the process by which new employees get acclimated to their new job and ramp up to full capacity within that job. This is typically a multi-pronged approach as new employees have to be oriented to the unique culture of your health center, plus they have to learn the specialized skills, knowledge and behaviors expected to fulfill their particular responsibilities.  This is especially challenging for Health IT and Quality staff because they work on their own as well as working collaboratively with staff across the health center in a number of capacities. Their orientation is therefore essential to providing high quality services to the whole health center.

It is important to give new Health IT and Quality employees as much support as possible to ensure that they adjust to their new job and start adding value as quickly as possible. Besides the general best practices of ensuring that all standard first day bases are covered, each specific department should have their own onboarding mechanisms. Listed in this section are two such resources for Health IT and Quality staff, in particular.

Health IT & QI Workforce Development Onboarding
Event date: 11/29/2016 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Export event
11/29 HITEQ Highlights - Health IT and QI Workforce Development: Onboarding for Success
Alyssa Thomas

11/29 HITEQ Highlights - Health IT and QI Workforce Development: Onboarding for Success

A HITEQ Center Webinar

Click here to download the transcript of this November 29th HITEQ Highlights webinar and click here to listen to the archived recording

After a brief introduction to HITEQ and this Resource Set, this webinar will highlight two specific tools for onboarding new staff into your health center with a focus on speeding the onboarding of Health IT and QI staff. The webinar will delve into the two onboarding tools - the Calendar and the Sample of a Staff Member’s Dashboard for Required Tasks, showing how they are meant to be used and how you can customize them for your needs.

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This resource collection was compiled by the HITEQ staff with portions contributed by Chris Espersen, HITEQ Advisory Committee member and Independent Contractor and Past President of Midwest Clinicians Network; Shane McBride, Independent Contractor and Past Vice President of Quality and Clinical Systems at South End Community Health Center; Chris Grasso, Associate Director for Informatics & Data Services- The Fenway Institute; and Ed Phippen, Principal - Phippen Consulting, LLC.

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