Team Toolkit: Assessing Your Health Center's Digital Health Tools

Step 5: Choose our follow-up actions

  1. As a team, choose your follow-up actions and assign team members to complete each one. Follow-up actions may include:
    • Wind down investments (e.g., discontinue any tools, platforms, etc.) that are not meeting our needs.
    • Implement improvements needed to address challenges.
      1. Assign duties for improvements
      2. Create training or reference materials
    • For those tools that will continue to be used, validate and audit usage to sustain the use of the tools on an ongoing basis.
      1. Agree on a monitoring plan that includes:
        1. Validation (Is the tool working as expected?)
        2. Usage (Is everyone we would expect using the tool regularly?)
        3. Performance (Are our expectations being met in terms of reach, response, time, etc.?)
      2. Create a feedback mechanism for those tools that we are keeping. 
        1.  Add buttons/ links to pages or tools that say something like “Email us to let us know if you are having trouble.”
        2. Determine how accountability will be embedded in the use of tools, as that will be critical for long term sustainability

Outcome of this step:

Establish responsibilities and timeframes for these follow-up actions and set up a meeting to check in on them.