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Health Centers are being inundated by an unprecedented surge in cybersecurity incidents that are having detrimental effects on healthcare worldwide. New, sophisticated threats seem to appear on a daily basis. Most importantly, these threats are primarily being targeted and spread through end users (vs health IT systems) through social engineering and phishing attack methods. 

Healthcare cybersecurity is the ultimate team sport. The responsibility goes beyond the IT staff and includes front and back office staff, doctors and nurses, patients, executives, and the board of directors. These resources are directed at all levels of the healthcare organization so that they may be proactive and aware and help to defend Health Centers against the Dark Web.

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Health Center Cybersecurity Defense Resources

Ransomware in Health

NCTRC Webinar

Molly Rafferty 0 308

Join the NCTRC for a presentation on the risk ransomware poses to healthcare systems and learn how to combat the threat. 

Outcome Objectives:
-Describe the basics of ransomware and why it poses cybersecurity and other risks
-Determine weaknesses in healthcare systems
-Identify methods to counteract ransomware in medical settings

-Jeanne E. Varner Powell, JD, Senior Legal Risk Management Consultant, MICA
-David Shelley, President, BVA Inc.

Michael J Holcomb, Associate Director, Information Technology, Southwest Telehealth Resource Center, Arizona Telemedicine Program

Strategic Cybersecurity Investments: Leveraging American Rescue Plan Funding to Enhance Infrastructure and Services

HITEQ Highlights webinar

Molly Rafferty 0 3715

Healthcare continues to be the sector most targeted globally by ransomware and related malware attacks and leads in the average total cost of data breach across industries. The FY 2021 American Rescue Plan Funding provides an excellent opportunity for Health Centers to make strategic investments in cybersecurity infrastructure and services. This HITEQ Highlight, presented by Adam Kehler of Online Business Systems provides an overview of assets that can increase Health Center cybersecurity. Topics covered include cybersecurity infrastructure and services that can increase defense-in-depth for health IT, including EHRs, telehealth tools and services, mobile medical devices, patient portals, and related health information software applications.

Note: You can view our American Rescue Plan: Budget Your Cybersecurity Investments guidance document in the Documents to Download section below. An accessible version of the handout is is also available in the Documents to Download section. 

Let’s Talk Insider Threats

HIMSS Webinar

Molly Rafferty 0 8227

An insider leaking patient records at a doctor’s office or hospital may seem like a scene from a TV medical drama. But insider threats are all too real. In fact, according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report (VBIR), nearly half of all breaches in healthcare involve internal threat actors such as theft or misuse of PHI and EHR. 

Listen to our experts as they step into and examine the insider threat landscape in healthcare. In this webinar, they discuss: 

  • Top insider threat risks healthcare organizations face
  • What you can do to keep insider threats in check, while maintaining pace with IT modernization goals
  • Why a people-centric approach to cybersecurity will better protect your company's data and access

You can view the recording at the link below, after logging in. 

HITEQ Highlights: Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web: Strategies for Building Security Awareness, Education, and Compliance in 2020

Alyssa Carlisle 0 8668

This HITEQ Center webinar explored key concepts and best practices that should be followed by Health Centers seeking to develop Defense in Depth and effectively implement hardened security programs at their sites. There are ever-increasing cybersecurity guidelines and protection measures that Health Centers must navigate and digest. This webinar sought to motivate and educate the health center workforce on critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense. Aspects of Security Risk Assessment, security awareness training, and breach protection were covered with an emphasis on health center-wide information protection.



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