HITEQ Health Center Cybersecurity Defender Against the Dark Web

Health Centers are being inundated by an unprecedented surge in cybersecurity incidents that are having detrimental effects on healthcare worldwide. New, sophisticated threats seem to appear on a daily basis. Most importantly, these threats are primarily being targeted and spread through end users (vs health IT systems) through social engineering and phishing attack methods. 

Healthcare cybersecurity is the ultimate team sport. The responsibility goes beyond the IT staff and includes front and back office staff, doctors and nurses, patients, executives, and the board of directors. These resources are directed at all levels of the healthcare organization so that they may be proactive and aware and help to defend Health Centers against the Dark Web.

Take some time to read through some of the articles on this page and then fill out the submission form on the right and you will be rewarded with a Health Center Defender Against the Dark Web badge! This is an official badge that is submitted by the HITEQ Center as a proof of completion to the blockchain. Your credentials can be added to profiles such as LinkedIn and verified through accreditation services such as Accredible and Open Badge.


Online Reputation Management for Health Centers

Online Reputation Management for Health Centers

Maintaining a Good Name in the Digital Era, from Wyoming Primary Care Association

It takes years to build a good reputation, and just minutes for that reputation to be tarnished. Word of mouth has always been the primary driver of reputation, and now that ability has been increased exponentially. More than ever, it is easier to create an organizational culture geared toward customer satisfaction and maintain a good reputation, than it is to change your reputation and the minds of the community after the fact. Further, patients are likely to have increased options as to where they choose to seek care.

This webinar and related handout outline a three step approach for proactively managing your online reputation to best engage patients and potential patients in public forums. The first step is to Claim & Manage those items online that relate to your health center such as social media, company/ employment profiles, and search engine results. The second is Response 101 which includes establishing an organizational policy regarding online communications, customer service, and response times. Lastly, is respectfully asking for thoughtful feedback and reviews on the regular basis from patients and employees. See detailed instructions for undertaking each of these steps by clicking through the links below.

Intended AudienceHealth center leadership, outreach, and community engagement staff

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