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Information blocking is different from HIPAA and other existing rules in that it defines the only things that are not to be shared, with the implicit requirement that everything else is to be shared. The information blocking rule only provides eight exceptions or situations in which an actor is permitted to 'block' sharing of information.

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Information Blocking Avenger Curriculum
Event date: 9/7/2023 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Export event
Navigating Compliance Challenges with the Information Blocking Rule
Jodie Albert

Navigating Compliance Challenges with the Information Blocking Rule

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Since the 21 Century Cures Act Information Blocking Rule went into effect in 2021, electronic health information (EHI) has become more available than ever as it is posted to portals, sent through health information exchanges, and available via health-related apps upon request by patients. As the availability of EHI has increased, so too have concerns about the privacy of EHI. Like other actors, health centers are faced with new compliance challenges, including how to best protect sensitive EHI, how to respond to patient requests to restrict access to their EHI, and how to respond when patients request changes to their EHI. Health centers must navigate complex and, at times, conflicting federal and state laws and regulations. This webinar focused on how to navigate these challenges while complying with the Information Blocking Rule.

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