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Information blocking is different from HIPAA and other existing rules in that it defines the only things that are not to be shared, with the implicit requirement that everything else is to be shared. The information blocking rule only provides eight exceptions or situations in which an actor is permitted to 'block' sharing of information.

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Information Blocking Avenger Curriculum

Patient Portals & Right of Access: Compliance with the Information Blocking rule and HIPAA

HITEQ Webinar in June 2023

Nye Day 0 4472

There are many questions about patient portals and the related requirements under the Information Blocking Rule. In this session, our expert speaker will review the impact of the Information Blocking Rule on implementation and use of the patient portal.

Over the last few years, the Office of Civil Rights has focused much of its enforcement efforts on ensuring patients are afforded their HIPAA right to access their protected health information (PHI). The Privacy Rule generally requires HIPAA covered entities to provide individuals, upon request, with access to the PHI (including electronic PHI) about them in one or more “designated record sets” maintained by or for the covered entity. This includes the right to inspect or obtain a copy, or both, of the PHI. It also includes an individual’s right to direct the covered entity to transmit a copy of their PHI to a designated person or entity of the individual’s choice.

Information Blocking Avenger Badge