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This badge is designed to support health center leaders in gaining a working knowledge of value based care and how to successfully implement it at their health center. Materials include the three modules of the Value Based Care Basics training series, each of which contains a video and a companion resource. 

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Value Based Care Basics Module 2

Value Based Care Basics Module 2

HITEQ Value Based Care Basics Series, June 2023

The Value Based Care Basics training is a three-module series. All three modules can be completed by health center leaders to gain a working knowledge of value based care and how to successfully implement it at your health center. This second module includes a video and companion resource related to Managed Care data. View Module 1 and 3 in the Resource Links section below. 

View the video to learn about the importance of managed care data in value based payment and population health, including how managed care data can be used and should be put into practice. You will also hear about best practices and applications for managing and using managed care data. 

The companion resource assists organizations in understanding the necessary data and data-related tools for managing population health within a managed care environment. It is a primer on the types of best practices that are necessary to maximize care delivery models that are responsive to value based payment programs. 

Learning Objectives: 

After completing this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Recall the definitions for managed care data categories and sources for each data component
  • Describe how health plans use the limited data they have and the implications on Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) care
  • Understand that health plans use different data to approximate providers (i.e. – you, the FQHC) in the same way that FQHCs use Electronic Health Record data to approximate quality, outcomes, etc. 
  • Explain what managed care data is most helpful and important as an FQHC enters value based payment arrangements and how to frame a request and negotiate for access to that data 
  • Discuss how the managed care data fields connect to the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCP-LAN) Alternative Payment Model (APM) Framework Payment Categories
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