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HITEQ Highlights: Developing Community Health Centers Along the Continuum of Pay for Performance

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Community health centers are participating in a healthcare marketplace that is gradually moving from volume to value. Because of health centers’ financial and infrastructure limitations, it may not be prudent for them to engage in full risk contracts at this point. This webinar will describe the continuum of value-based contracting, and suggest steps for health centers to move up the continuum. We will also outline basic elements of infrastructure to perform well in a value-based environment. Presenters from Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic will present their experience.  

HITEQ Highlights: Addressing Childhood Obesity in Health Centers

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This webinar will focus on how to improve child weight screening, nutrition and physical activity counselling, and design appropriate and meaningful interventions according to health center peers. Discussion and demonstrations of how you may be able to optimize your EHR to encourage accurate and complete collection of required data, and identify children who may need intervention.  A number of tools that support this quality improvement around addressing child weight and potential for obesity will be discussed, including Bright Futures guidance and data validation tools from HITEQ.

Improving the Health Outcomes of Both Patients AND Populations

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This national webinar focuses on empowering health centers to initiate a population health strategy at their organization. Experts will share their journey in planning, preparing and launching a population health initiative. With the goals of impacting population health outcomes while ensuring cost effectiveness, our experts designed interventions to eliminate gaps in care, particularly among special populations. Through sharing our approach to population health, Community Health Center, Inc. will set the stage for these initiatives, review data and measurement involved in these initiatives and discuss incentives to pursuing these initiatives.

Health Center Telehealth Webinar Series

Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) Webinar Series

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This 5-part series, hosted by the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) from January to March 2019, provides health centers and other community-based providers with the latest information and insights from Finger Lakes Community Health, an innovator in implementing telehealth in the health center setting, attorneys at Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell, and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Policy Team. Topics covered include Telehealth 101, Needs Assessment, Equipment, Operational and Financial Considerations. Please visit the course page (link below) for webinar descriptions and more information. Please note this webinar series was not funded by HRSA and registration fees are required to view the recorded sessions; recordings can be purchased as a series or as individual sessions.



Connecting SDoH Screening with Medical-Legal Partnership Interventions: Case Studies in Innovation

National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership Webinar

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Health centers are increasingly recognizing the role of legal professionals in addressing SDoH needs – especially those identified and documented via PRAPARE – and are actively integrating lawyers on their teams through medical-legal partnerships (MLPs). The interconnectedness of SDoH screening and legal intervention has led health centers in two states, Iowa and Montana, to align and synchronize legal screening and referral activities between health and legal partners via the EHR. This webinar featured the journey of primary care associations (PCAs), health center controlled networks (HCCNs), health centers, and civil legal services non-profits in Montana and Iowa as they begin to integrate legal screening and referral into their EHRs. In a discussion of work in progress, each team demonstrated their EHR-based screening and referral processes and shared the opportunities and challenges presented by the project. They also previewed some of the next steps they plan to advance in the coming year.

HITEQ Highlights: Growing and Sustaining a Data Driven Culture

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Building on the HITEQ Center’s previous webinars that introduced an Analytic Capability Assessment, building a roadmap for action and using data governance to maximize the value of data, the third webinar in this series explored how to grow and sustain these efforts. Too often, analytic initiatives and data capacity building are based on the heroics of a few individuals. In times of high turnover and changing priorities, how can we make data driven decision-making part of a health center’s culture? This webinar introduced the Data Strategy Worksheet, a tool developed by the Center for Care Innovation to help align data strategy with organizational strategy, as well as explored ways to implement a Data Services function. Even small agencies with scarce resources can develop the skillset, mindset, and toolset to embed and sustain a data driven culture.


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