[Video] FQHC Value Based Payment Basics


Developed with Starling Advisors in 2022

In this 25 minute video we cover the basic mechanics of how FQHCs are paid, the prospective payment system, and how it is evolving over time. We also review the spectrum of value-based payment arrangements using the HCP-LAN framework as a guide. We also discuss the capacity needed to be successful in each of those payment categories. Patient attribution process, including why that data is so critical in value-based payment arrangements, and what questions to ask payer partners about attribution processes are also reviewed. Lastly, a real value-based payment arrangement and related considerations are reviewed.

Note that this module, like all resources provided by the HITEQ Center, is intended for educational purposes only. The information presented here does not take the place of individual legal and/or expert advice on specific situations found in payer contracts. There is no substitute for individualized guidance before agreeing to terms and conditions. Always defer to a qualified professional when entering relationships with payers.

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