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Optimizing PrEP Access Through Advocacy

HealthHIV Webinar

Caila Kilson-Kuchtic 0 4077

This activity focused on medication therapy management protocols and their effects on prescription drug coverage policies. It also considered PrEP access through a health equity lens and  included a review of the drug utilization review process, insurance models, and health impact analysis, assessing the impact of each on patients and care.


FHIR 101: Opportunities to Improve Interoperability across Health Centers

HITEQ Highlights Webinar

Jodie Albert 0 5216

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is an HL7® standard for electronic healthcare data exchange. This next generation exchange architecture is advancing interoperability in healthcare. FHIR provides a standard way to express and share information across health centers, providers, and related organizations independent of how local EHRs display or store data. For UDS+ and other information exchange needs, all health centers, PCAs, and HCCNs will want to be familiar with the basics of the HL7 FHIR standard. In this session we will discuss what FHIR is, what it basically does, how it impacts your EHR, and what it might mean to your health center and patients.

Zero Cost-Sharing for PrEP: Increasing PrEP Access

Health HIV Webinar

Elise George 0 3994

While previous PrEP practice guidelines recommended that healthcare providers offer PrEP only to patients whom they considered "at high risk" of acquiring HIV, the most recent guidelines and the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations are reshaping how providers think about PrEP. Expanded prescription of PrEP to previously overlooked patient populations is a key step towards reducing the spread of HIV. To achieve the maximum benefit of PrEP, compliance with current PrEP guidelines and enforcement of cost coverage for PrEP are important instruments for ending the HIV epidemic. 

This webinar reviewed and provided guidance on the USPSTF FAQs including requirements for:

  • Fully-covered PrEP-related ancillary tests and services with zero cost-sharing, as aligned with the CDC Clinical PrEP Guidelines.
  • The lack of restrictions on frequency of PrEP initiation or the frequency of services, such as HIV and STI screening.
  • Zero cost-sharing for the PrEP medication that is medically appropriate for patients, as determined by their healthcare provider.
  • Easily accessible, transparent, and sufficiently expedient exceptions process if using reasonable medical management techniques.



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