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HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Hosted by the HRSA-funded National Clinician Consultation Center

Alyssa Carlisle 0 10636

PrEP is a highly effective biomedical intervention that prevents HIV. Despite the established association between HIV risk and substance use, PrEP access as well as uptake and persistence among persons with substance use disorders remains low. To fully realize HIV prevention efforts across health systems, and as substance use/healthcare-seeking patterns evolve with COVID-19, person-centered PrEP service delivery needs to involve renewed and coordinated efforts involving substance use treatment providers. This webinar helped clinicians overcome PrEP implementation challenges, assess PrEP eligibility, and identify strategies for addressing side effect and adherence concerns.

Enabling Services Data Collection: Documenting Health Center Interventions in a Value-Based Payment Environment

Hosted by the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations and Health Outreach Partners

Alyssa Carlisle 0 9080

In collaboration with Health Outreach Partners (HOP), AAPCHO continues to promote the importance of documenting social determinants of health (SDoH) interventions to demonstrate the value and scope of health center enabling services (ES). AAPCHO and HOP were joined by the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) to highlight how state, regional, and national partners can leverage SDoH and ES data for Value-Based Payment (VBP).
Through a national webinar, participants learned useful strategies with tools and resources to successfully implement a standardized data collection methodology for the tracking and documentation of non-clinical data. In turn, health center stakeholders, including health center and Primary Care Association (PCA) staff, will be able to articulate or better demonstrate how they are using non-clinical, ES data for VBP. This national webinar was also be conducted for health center and PCA staff to share insights and recommendations on how they plan to use enabling services data for the transition to VBP in their local, state, or regional context.

Understanding SAMHSA and OCR Guidance for Telehealth SUD and MH Services, and Update on the CARES Act

Alyssa Carlisle 0 9427

This presentation reviewed guidance released by OCR and SAMHSA about federal patient privacy regulations while providing SUD and MH telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent changes to federal SUD privacy law introduced in the CARES Act.

Telehealth Office Hours

Hosted by NACHC

Alyssa Carlisle 0 9759

Telehealth Office Hours is a monthly opportunity for health center, PCA, and HCCN staff to ask questions and share information about telehealth-related policy and operational activities. The session will be held the second Thursday of each month at 2:00 PM EDT. In addition to updates and time for Q&A, each session will focus on a specific topic. Participation is free and there is no pre-registration required. Please add the WebEx link to your calendar. Archived presentations and resources can be found here. Please submit questions to telehealth@nachc.org.

Implementing Teledentistry During COVID-19

Alyssa Carlisle 0 5991

During this national emergency, teledentistry has become an emerging strategy to continue providing preventive dental care and triage for dental emergencies. During this webinar, attendees learned from a subject matter expert on effective implementation strategies for teledentistry. Then, three health centers shared their experience in teledentistry during COVID-19 including their lessons learned and specific state regulations. This webinar was 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

HITEQ Highlights: Health Center Defense Against the Dark Web: Strategies for Building Security Awareness, Education, and Compliance in 2020

Alyssa Carlisle 0 14244

This HITEQ Center webinar explored key concepts and best practices that should be followed by Health Centers seeking to develop Defense in Depth and effectively implement hardened security programs at their sites. There are ever-increasing cybersecurity guidelines and protection measures that Health Centers must navigate and digest. This webinar sought to motivate and educate the health center workforce on critical privacy and security concepts and methods for defense. Aspects of Security Risk Assessment, security awareness training, and breach protection were covered with an emphasis on health center-wide information protection.


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