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FAQ: How will the upcoming changes to the Information Blocking and EHR certification requirements impact health centers?

October 2022

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During the 4th quarter (October to December) of 2022, there are two major health information technology (HIT) requirement changes, with potential for significant implications to health centers. Read this FAQ to find out how your health center can respond.


Clinical Quality Measures for Eligible Professionals: 2022 Update

A Crosswalk Comparison of Clinical Quality Measures from The HITEQ Center

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This spreadsheet developed by the HITEQ Center provides a crosswalk of Clinical Quality Measures and their electronic specifications as defined in the 2022 update for Eligible Professionals (Clinicians). Fields include the crosswalk of measures with related information about CMS, NQF, and MIPS ID, and Telehealth Eligiblity, as well as inclusion in CY2022 UDS, Million Hearts, NCQA digital quality measures (dQMs), Quality Rating System Measure Set, CMS Adult / Child Medicaid Core Measures Set, and MSSP ACo Performance Pathway. Links are included throughout.

CMS finalizes 90-day reporting for Meaningful Use

The agency, seeking to ease EHR reporting burdens, will also allow both 2015 and 2014-certified EHRs for 2018, from HealthcareITnews.com

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The agency, seekFrom August 3, 2017, HealthcareITnews.com report that "The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has cemented a 90-day reporting period for attesting to meaningful use of electronic health records, part of a variety flexibilities for hospitals and physicians in a final rule published Wednesday." Read the rest of the article.ing to ease EHR reporting burdens, will also allow both 2015 and 2014-certified EHRs for 2018.

Eligible Professional Attestation Worksheet for Modified Stage 2

Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program in 2016

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The Eligible Professional (EP) Attestation Worksheet is for EPs in the EHR Incentive Program in 2016, and allows them to enter their meaningful use data to use as a reference when attesting for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program in the CMS system. Please note that this worksheet differs in format and presentation when compared to the Attestation User Guide and Attestation system.

CMS User Guide for Attestation

For Eligible Professionals

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To receive an incentive payment oravoid payment adjustments, Medicare Eligible Professionals (EPs) must attest every year to their meaningful use of certified electronic health record technology using this ATTESTATION module. (Medicaid EPs should contact their states for information about how to attest.)


This resource collection was compiled by the HITEQ staff with input provided by the HITEQ Advisory Committee and partners who have shared their experiences.

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