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The Quadruple Aim
Quadruple Aim

A Conceptual Framework

Improving the U.S. health care system requires four aims: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, reducing per capita costs and improving care team well-being. HITEQ Center resources seek to provide content and direction aligned with the goals of the Quadruple Aim

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This section provides resources and guidance for the selection of an electronic health record (EHR) vendor and product. Tools are available that can be used as part of a structured process to identify and procure the EHR system that fits the functionalities and needs of your center, and which will support developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the software vendor for successful EHR implementation.  Tools and resources are available to help assess organizational readiness and financial resources, and to develop a communication plan, workflow redesign, migration plan, and solicitation and negotiation for EHR vendor selection.  

Identifying and Selecting EHR
To Switch or Not to Switch: A Guide for Community Clinics Considering Changing EHRs

To Switch or Not to Switch: A Guide for Community Clinics Considering Changing EHRs

Developed by the California Health Care Foundation in 2019

The purpose of this guide is to help health center leaders weigh the costs and benefits of remaining with their current EHR system (possibly with enhanced functionality) or switching to a different one. It is intended to be useful to all those participating in decisions about EHR systems, not just to technical experts. The guide offers a step-wise approach to asking important questions, making decisions, and moving forward. The appendices describe the types of products and services that are available to health centers and that are mentioned throughout the guide.

The guide walks you through the following stepwise approach to EHR decision making:

1. Deciding whether to switch EHRs

  • Understand your goals and motivations
  • Consider the available options
  • Consider the costs

2. Selecting a new EHR product or outsourcing provider

  • Explore EHR product options
  • Explore EHR outsourcing providers
  • Perform due diligence and negotiate a contract

3. Planning and executing the EHR transition

  • Plan
  • Train
  • Monitor
  • Get help

Access the full guide through the link below!

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This resource collection was compiled by the HITEQ Center staff with guidance from HITEQ Advisory Committee members and collaborators of the HITEQ Center.