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eClinical Works Support Links

NACHC's eClinicalWorks User Group supports health centers that utilize eClinicalWorks EHR programs. This group provides a vehicle for health centers to meet and discuss common issues and best practices.

Search for all HITEQ resources and events related to the eClinicalWorks EHR.

Reviews and ratings from the American EHR website for interfaces, interoperability, certifications, templates, prescribing, support and maintenance, and other related functionalities.

An independent eClinicalworks forum for users of eClinicalWorks. Provides a community of users, to share thoughts, difficulties, questions and successes in using the EHR.

Highlighted eCW Resources on HITEQ
HCCN/PCA Support for eCW | Information from the NACHC Network Resource Guide ~ http://nrg.nachc.org
QWhere can I find an eClinicalWorks User Group?
AeCW Users is a site maintained and moderated by users and is not affiliated with or financially supported by eClinicalWorks, LLC. However, eCW is supportive of this forum and staff members regularly participate and try to help provide answers to burning issues. There is also an eClinicalWorks user group maintained by NACHC as well that provides support for health centers.
QWhat is the current version of eClinicalWorks?
AeClinicalWorks V10 EMR is ONC-HIT 2014 Complete EHR Certified.
QWhat standard terminologies are currently supported?
AeClinicalWorks currently supports E31 CCD, V. 1.0, LOINC, CPT, ICD-9, SNOMED.
QWhere do I find MU support for eClinicalWorks?
AThe eClinicalWorks website has a Meaninful Use section that includes basic information on Meaningful Use and the stages currently supported.
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eCW EHR Overview for Health Centers


From the eClinicalWorks website: eClinicalWorks is a privately held leader in ambulatory clinical solutions. Its technology extends the use of Electronic Health Records beyond practice walls and creates community-wide records. eClinicalWorks has an established customer base of more than 125,000+ physicians and nurse practitioners, and 850,000+ users across all 50 states and 24 countries, with revenues for 2015 exceeding $400 million.