HITEQ Health App Privacy, Security, and Safety Analyzer

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The HITEQ Health App Analyzer provides a way for Health Centers to determine whether a particular patient-facing health app or Electronic Patient Engagement tool is appropriate for your population. 

This automated tool is builto off of the HITEQ Health App Decision Tree and consumer health app development standards established by the HL7 Consumer Mobile Health Application Functional Framework.

There are thousands of consumer health applications (apps), which run on smartphones, watches, tablets, and other mobile devices, available for download from platform-specific application stores such as the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Consumer acceptance and use of these apps is primarily based on recommendations—either personal recommendations through individual contacts or social media or app store ratings. While this information is important in understanding the relevance of an app to one’s life and the design and usability of an app, it is insufficient in communicating how an app secures and protects the personal information of its users.

There is currently no federal regulation or oversight for claims made by consumer health apps. This poses a problem both for consumers and clinicians, who may be considering or prescribing use of an app to help track and improve health behaviors and conditions. The HITEQ Health App Analyzer provides Health Centers with a way to assess the quality and fit of a health app for their patients.


  1. Use the form below and work through all of the questions of the Health App Analyzer (approximately 25-35 yes/no/maybe questions depending on responses)
  2. At the end enter your email address so that a report of your analysis can be emailed to you
  3. No personal data is included in the public reports, but if you do not want the analysis results published to the public board then check the box to keep results private.
  4. HITEQ Health App Analysis results can be found here: https://hiteqcenter.org/Resources/Electronic-Patient-Engagement/Health-App-Analyzer/Public-Health-App-Assessments
  5. Everyone who conducts an analysis will receive a HITEQ Health App Analyzer digital badge!


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