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Ask Us About Information Sharing Ask Us About Information Sharing

Ask Us About Information Sharing

ONC Webinar

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Got questions about information sharing under ONC’s information blocking regulations? Join ONC’s experts for virtual office hours on September 22, October 6, and October 27 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET to ask about the information blocking regulations.

HealthHIV: TelePrEP in Practice HealthHIV: TelePrEP in Practice

HealthHIV: TelePrEP in Practice

Webinar focused Readiness, Delivery, and Engagement

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Designed to engage providers seeking knowledge and skills to implement the delivery of PrEP via telehealth (known as "telePrEP") in their practices, the session showcased models of practice and the role of clinicians and navigators within a PrEP care team. Speaker presentations were followed by a facilitated question and answer session.

Opportunities and Strategies to Optimize PrEP Uptake in Key Communities

Health HIV Medical Education

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Activity Description: PrEP continues to be underused by people who could benefit from it, especially those who face health disparities. Of the 1.2 million people in the U.S. who can benefit from taking PrEP, only about 23% have used PrEP. Data on PrEP coverage shows that racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, youth, and women access PrEP at even lower rates. The interactive live webinar will feature perspectives of multiple diverse HIV prevention experts on PrEP uptake among relevant consumer/patient communities, including Black women, same-gender-loving (SGL) Black and Latinx men, and transgender individuals. Presenters will consider both challenges and opportunities for PrEP use among these communities,specific access issues, and strategies and model practices for providers and healthcare teams to address the unique barriers.

Lessons Learned: Implementing and Expanding Social Needs Screening Programs in Health Centers - Session 1: Introduction and Level 1: Coming to Consensus

This learning collaborative by the HITEQ Center to discussed health center promising practices and key considerations to support the successful collection, monitoring, and addressing of social needs data. During the series participants explored the levels of maturity in the social needs...