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Improving Diabetes Outcomes Improving Diabetes Outcomes

Improving Diabetes Outcomes

Curated Expert Guidance, Tools, and Resources, Updated September 2019

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As of CDC's 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report, 30.3 million people, or 9.4% of the total U.S. population, have diabetes. Of these 30.3 million, only 23.1 million are diagnosed—while the other estimated 7.2 million are undiagnosed. Additionally, more than 1 in 3 adults or 84.1 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes, including nearly half of people age 65 and older. According to 2018 UDS data, an estimated 15.1% of Federally Qualified Health Center patients nationwide have diabetes, an increase over recent years. Of these approx. 2.4 million plus patients living with...
EHR Optimization Series: Part One of Three EHR Optimization Series: Part One of Three

EHR Optimization Series: Part One of Three

Including Performance Measure Crosswalk and Data Definition Worksheet

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The first of a three-part EHR Optimization series focused on establishing goals and expectations for optimizing EHR utilization and sharing proven strategy/tools for optimizing EHR utilization, including slides and related tools. 

Quality Report Inventory

Organizing your quality team with a schedule and map of quality report distribution

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This Report Inventory tool is a means to make public all available reports, the schedule for publishing to the organization, and their distribution. 

Data Dictionary Tool and Template

Organizational tool for your EHR and analytics platform data indicators

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This Data Dictionary provides a single point of reference for data mapping and interpretation for all of the indicators in your quality reports. Organization of the data definitions in this...

Health Datapalooza

An Academy Health Conference

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The 8th Annual Health Datapalooza is the gathering place for people and organizations creating knowledge from data and pioneering innovations that drive health policy and practice. Registration is...

Analytics Capability Assessment

The Center for Care Innovations (CCI) developed this tool to address a potential gap around defining and assessing analytics capability in health centers, as well as to provide education on some of the complexity and nuance of working with data and building a data-driven culture.

Success Stories: Building a Robust Data Infrastructure that Supports Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

This LAN Learnings webinar will highlight two organizations that have used different data sharing infrastructure approaches in their market areas and provided benefits to multiple stakeholders including payers, providers and purchasers. Panelists David Kendrick of MyHealth Access Network, Tulsa...

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