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Accessing your Data

Accessing your Data

Questions to Consider with your EHR Vendor

This checklist describes the steps health center quality improvement and IT staff can take to ensure they are maximizing the population health management capacity of their current EHR system. It is intended to assist health centers in ensuring they are utilizing the full capabilities of the current system and assessing the need for additional population health management tools. Included are questions around the system itself, report generation, training, and resulting data, as well as considerations before and after you contact your vendor. 

It’s important to note that these questions are just meant for consideration. Not all of the features or aspects discussed will be relevant for your health center, and no system nor approach will check all the boxes. Use this to guide your thinking and discussions so you are able to get a robust understanding of what your EHR is capable of, and what you may need to find elsewhere or find other ways to address.

Download the checklist below.

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Documents to download

  • Accessing your Data(.pdf, 92.21 KB) - 785 download(s)

    Questions to consider with your EHR Vendor, updated August 2017.

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