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Assessing Provider Satisfaction Assessing Provider Satisfaction

Assessing Provider Satisfaction

And how to design health IT interventions to improve satisfaction and reduce burden, January 2020

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Provider satisfaction is of critical importance for health centers to promote safety and workforce stability. A 2013 survey found that dissatisfied physicians were 2-3 times more likely to leave medical practice than their more satisfied colleagues. This may be unsurprising given that another recent study found that physicians spend almost half of their day on the EHR and desk work. Even during the patient visit, 37 percent of the time in the exam room is spent on these tasks. The increase in clerical and documentation burden related to EHR adoption was cited as a contributor to...
Health IT Privacy & Security Skill Sets Health IT Privacy & Security Skill Sets

Health IT Privacy & Security Skill Sets

The Importance of Information Security for all Health Center Staff

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Since 2010, the healthcare industry has seen a remarkable increase in the use of technology in the administration and delivery in healthcare. This has led to a mass migration of data from paper charts and isolated systems to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and interconnected systems that transmit patient health and financial information across trusted and untrusted networks. While this has...

Accessing your Data

Questions to Consider with your EHR Vendor

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Intended to assist in ensuring full use and understanding of capabilities of current system and assessing the need for additional population health management or data integration tools, this...