Health IT and Cybersecurity Positions and Salaries

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Health IT and Cybersecurity Positions and Salaries

Descriptions and ranges

Below is a list of job descriptions that can be used to help describe various health information technology, as well as cybersecurity, employment options. A variety of health information and technology positions are represented. This information is intended to assist health centers in understanding the many different domains of the profession as well as possible job descriptions that could be useful when drafting duties or during recruitment. This information was compiled in early 2022.

Included are a list of links as well as attached documents from professional organizations.


Health IT/QI Positions Descriptions/Job boards:


Cybersecurity Positions


Example of Cybersecurity Positions and Salaries (Source: CompTIA, early 2022)

Note that salaries vary widely by geographic area and responsibilities, so these are for informational purposes only.

  1. Cybersecurity Analyst $95,000

  2. Cybersecurity Consultant $91,000

  3. Cyber Security Manager / Administrator $105,000

  4. Software Developer/Engineer $110,140

  5. Systems Engineer $90,920

  6. Network Engineer/Architect $83,510

  7. Vulnerability Analyst/Penetration Tester $103,000

  8. Cyber Security Specialist / Technician $92,000

  9. Incident Analyst / Responder $89,000

Documents to download

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