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Implementation and User Experiences with Azara DRVS
Azara Healthcare LLC

Implementation and User Experiences with Azara DRVS

Health Care for the Homeless

HCH’s implementation of PHM analytics and reporting emphasized the need for and return on investment in high quality data.  Proper data validation is essential to successful implementation and rollout of healthcare reporting and analytics platforms. Poor data quality often results in missed care opportunities, and less than optimal quality of care. HCH’s case story demonstrates the value of leadership commitment to quality.  HCH assembled a multi-disciplinary team to validate data during the DRVS implementation process. The center took extra steps to ensure the data was accurate and was willing to accept, and to learn from, mistakes. HCH went to extra lengths to ensure its Azara DRVS implementation included more than the usual amount of data validation.   The reward for tackling existing data issues head-on is a health center with powerful, truly actionable data.

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