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Lean Daily Improvement Facilitator Training

Lean Daily Improvement Facilitator Training

A 2016 HITEQ Resource

Through this training, participants will learn how to choose a key performance metric; collect and display data visually; run team huddles to get to root causes; assign corrective actions; and keep the process moving. Training for this certification will presented through three (3) online learning modules to be taken at your pace to earn micro-credentials in the form of digital education badges from Purdue University. 



The modules are:

  1. Five Change-Making Skills
  2. Microlearning and Small Step Change Systems
  3. Kaizen and Lean Continuous Improvement

Each module is competency-based, includes remote coaching, and develops a stand-alone skill that is immediately applicable to your work environment. Earned badges accumulate into a LDI certification. 

Training is done online at the participant’s own pace and is supported with remote coaching.  Modules are focused on building and applying competencies.  Learning is demonstrated by completing experiments or mini-projects by applying the competencies to real-world problems.  No exam is required. 

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Intended AudienceQuality staff who will be leading Lean and Kaizen work.

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